Orthopaedic Specialists of the Four States (Ortho Four States)

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December 9, 2017
What does it mean to you to be named Best of the Four States?
It means a great deal to us to be recognized as being the “Best of the Four States” because it tells us that we are fulfilling our mission to restore patients’ quality of life. We are honored that we have been able to touch the community with our service and care.

What about your work gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning?
The driving force behind Ortho Four States is knowing that we have built a world-class patient-first practice that provides the Four State Area with the largest and most comprehensive neck-to-toe orthopedic, spine, sports medicine, physical therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, and interventional pain management care group and facility – serving Joplin, MO and the entire region of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

What makes your business truly unique?
We are uniquely structured to maximize patient benefit and choice. Our orthopedic, spine, sports medicine, and interventional pain management doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, and physical therapists, work together to provide patients and their families with individually created care plans targeted at correcting and eliminating the pain and suffering caused by injuries and disorders of the spine and joints. We are also unlike the hospital system. Ortho Four States was founded and is operated by fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors, focused on a mission to restore patients’ quality of life. Many Ortho Four States physicians grew up in the Joplin area and returned home after training and working their residency in larger cities around the country. While away, Ortho Four States’ doctors not only acquired advanced medical and surgical techniques, but identified various ways to best care for patients. Each with their own area of orthopedic specialty, Ortho Four States physician-architects came together to collectively forge a master plan to build Ortho Four States’ patient-centered practice and orthopedic facility.

What do you love about being a Four States business?
Being a business in the Four State Area means we get to enjoy the best the region has to offer while providing our services to a large area and number of patients. Even though we are located in Galena, KS, we are just minutes from downtown Joplin, MO. Patients don’t need a referral to come see us, and we accept most insurance, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, and many Freeman and Mercy directed plans.


-Joe Caputo
Chief Executive Officer, Orthopaedic Specialists of the Four States, LLC

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